Brain-fuelled creativity
Making sure the project serves a purpose, and enabling the tools to measure its success.

Creative Direction

Cross platform
Conceiving communication experiences across media, integrating any discipline into the creative process. Expertise in visual, spatial, and interactive media.

Content development

Meaningful messages
Ensuring seamless content integration into all media, and unfolding the message in order to create emotional journeys.

Immersive architecture

Environmental experiences
Creating immersive spaces that set visitors into an emotional journey through their 5 senses.


Engaging devices
Conception, development and production of physical and on-line interactive experiences or devices.

Human-Centered Design

Human approach to design
Keeping the user & visitor at the center of the design process, by applying relevant design techniques

Parametric Design

Magic in numbers
Development of spaces, objects and architectures that are both visually complex and technically feasible.

Project Management

Getting it done
Using Agile methodologies to complete the project, collaboratively and within targets.