We help you reach your audience by communicating that complex message, challenging that prejudice, or showcasing your product through spatial experiences across media. 

Exhibitions | Experiential Communication | Spatial Design | Interaction

We engage people.

Experiential communication

As Narrative Designers, we care about the message. Your project will be successful as long as your message reaches your target, is understood and well received.

We will help you clearly define the objective of the communication campaign, exhibition, activation, or flagship store by analysing the audience, doing research, and defining together what we believe is the right approach to the brief.

  • Communication strategy
  • Art direction
  • Graphic and Spatial design 
  • Campaigns
  • Retail spaces
  • Event activations and devices


Museums and Exhibitions

20 years experience designing and producing museums and exhibitions, from content development to production

As experienced museographers, we can develop or interpret existing content and transform it into a memorable experience. We plan all the various media involved in order to create engaging, varied, and rich learning environments.

From mechanical installations to digital interactives our productions establish emotional and relational links with the visitors, so the message will last longer.

  • Musepgraphy
  • Content development and creative copy
  • AV and interactive conceptualisation
  • Module design
  • Environmental Graphics
  • Mechanical interaction
  • Interior architecture
  • Travelling formats


Spaces and objects

Experiences can be visited: we create spaces for learning, working or feeling inspired.

We conceive environments that are functional, communicative, and beautiful, through multi-layered design approach involving architecture, furniture design, applied interaction, and environmental graphics.

We apply Service Design and Human-Centered approaches in our design process.


  • Retail shops
  • Interiors
  • Point of Sale exhibitors
  • Furniture
  • Office furniture
  • Fair booth design
  • Travelling modules
  • Packaging

Interaction design

Today we have endless possibilities to make a message understood, either physically or digitally, as interactive technologies have exponentially developed.

We are experts at conceiving interactive elements that will help your brand, campaign, or space reach higher levels of engagement and overall effectiveness. 

We work with the best teams across Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, interactive projections or screen-based interaction.


  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented reality
  • Full body interaction
  • Kinekt cameras
  • Mechanical interactives
  • Screen based interactives
  • Landing pages
  • Apps

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