Ecologic Travelling Exhibition

EXPöBIKE is the cleanest itinerary exhibition solution ever created.
It travels accross the city pulled by an electric bike, can be fully recycled and is incredibly easy to operate.


Designed by MAAY Studio.

The exhibit folds in a wooden box and becomes a mobile ad when being transported. It can be carried by a regular electric bike powered by a central electric motor.

EXPöBIKE can be either equiped with the fixtures needed to be plugged into your bike, or else include a ready-made bycicle and a driver, for a full key-in-hand service.

All in place to convey your (green) message to your audience in a coherent format.

The format

The container unfolds and becomes a medium format exhibit. It is efficient, compact, reusable and original.
Built with FSC certifyed wood and recycled cardboard. It measures 1,6 x 1,9 x 0,8 meters, perfect to fit through a regular door and be mounted indoors. Once unfolded, it covers an area of 6 x 3 meters.


Surprising content delivery

Not only the packaging is surprising.
The exhibit is also original inside. It features diverse visual and interactive solutions that will make your message more understandable, memorable and engaging.
Elements like large-scale pop-ups, anagliph visuals or physical cardboard interactives can help you articulate tangible pieces of information.

Easy operation,
Endless customisation.

Make your message unforgettable

Our team of designers, abientologists and writers will treat your content wisely and carefully so it reaches your target and meets your strategic expectations.

Catch the visitor’s attention. Convey your ideas. Surprise the visitor. And above all… keep it green.

Convey climatic emergence efficiently.
A format with low environmental impact.
Hundreds of people, better informed.


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